Peach Report

VAT Club JB steps up campaign

5 March, 2012

VAT Club JB, the new cross-industry organization set up to lobby for a cut in the level of VAT, has created a new logo as it pushes for change.

The campaign, which was set up by French entrepreneur Jacques Borel, incorporates his initials in the word ‘jobs’ on the logo, to better emphasise the importance of employment to the campaign. VAT Club JB estimates that between 140,000 and 320,000 jobs could be created by a reduction in VAT on food, drink and accommodation from the current level of 20% to 5%.

Borel said: “It is vital that we emphasise the jobs benefit of a reduction in VAT. In France, for example, which has implemented the VAT cut, a total of 127,500 new jobs have been created in just over two years. New jobs have also been created in many countries, including Belgium, Germany, Finland and Sweden, following a cut in VAT. New jobs are always to be welcomed and never more so than at a time of rising unemployment.”

Borel’s campaign has raised a fighting fund of around £380,000, with 32 pub companies signed up. Borel is canvassing more support from chain restaurants, catererers and hotels. Borel said: “Our message is simple—a reduction in the level of VAT will create a huge boost to the economy and just as importantly create new jobs.”