Peach Report

Waterstones rolls out Café W

28 May, 2012

Bookselling chain Waterstones is to roll out its Café W concept at more than 100 of its stores, The Bookseller magazine reports - further intensifying the coffee shop competition on the high street.

The own-brand concept will feature “ethically sourced coffee and food from local suppliers”, the Bookseller suggests. A source told it that as many as 130 shops will get a Café W over the next three years. It follows an initial trial of the concept in the Sutton branch of Waterstones, where it produced incremental book sales as well as good café business. A second Café W is now open on Greenwich Church Street.

The Café W concept is part of a wider overhaul at Waterstones which will see many of its stores refurbished. Most of its branches are on high streets which commonly have several other coffeeshop offers, meaning that the battle for market share will be ratcheted up wherever Café W opens.

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