Peach Report

Tragus joins Nectar promo

25 September, 2012

The Tragus group of restaurants has signed up to the Nectar rewards scheme to give cardholders incentives to eat and drink at its Bella Italia, Café Rouge and Strada brands.

The partnership will allow Nectar collectors to spend their points against food and drink at 287 Tragus restaurants. They can be redeemed by swiping their Nectar card at the restaurant. The promo launched earlier this month with a handful of Tragus restaurants, with all venues taking part by the end of October.

Tragus marketing director Jemima Bird said: “This partnership means our customers can enjoy even greater value meals at our restaurants using their Nectar points. It's a unique partnership and we look forward to working with Nectar as we roll this out across the UK.”

Nectar marketing director James Frost said: “Teaming up with Bella Italia, Café Rouge and Strada gives all of our 18.5million Nectar collectors the chance to easily reward themselves at these great restaurants through the direct access to their points. This partnership is yet another way we hope to bring additional benefits to all of our loyal collectors, providing them with enjoyable ways to use their Nectar points.”