Peach Report

Revamping the Hut

18 June, 2011

by Tom Holman

Exclusive: Pizza Hut is making a raft of changes, including a sharper focus on families and service, as it seeks to pull back market share. Tom Holman reports

By its own admission, Pizza Hut lost its way over the last few years. By sticking to a tried and tested formula while long-term rivals upped their games and new concepts arrived, it steadily lost market share. “It’s fair to admit we’ve been caught asleep,” admitted Jens Hofma, UK managing director at Peach’s 2020 Conference last November. “It became clear that going to Pizza Hut had become a safe and predictable experience—but one that didn’t actually move you.”

Hofma was talking at a Conference session on business turnaround, and hinted at the time of bold new plans to protect Pizza Hut’s space in the market. “What we’re looking for is durability… a concept that stands the test of time.”

Six months on, Pizza Hut thinks it has found that concept. A raft of changes will be showcased towards the end of June in a batch of ten testbed restaurants in London and the Midlands, and elements that are successful—judged largely via net promoter scores—will be rolled out nationally.

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