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What the Tories should have known about Greggs

30 March, 2012

Greggs may not be happy with Treasury plans to tax its hot pasties, but the row is generating fantastic PR for the bakery chain. The Government front bench may not be regular users, but is the tabloid depiction of Greggs’ as the working man’s brand the real picture? Who is a typical Greggs customer?

Here’s a quick snapshot, based Peach’s own BrandTrack consumer data:

•    Greggs is one of the country’s fastest growing brands in the eating out-of- home market, based on the number of people using it at least once in last six months.
•    More people choose it for a “quick bite” than any other brand. It also scores highly for those who “have no time to cook” or “when travelling”.
•    It is now second only to McDonald’s in overall popularity, with 50% of the adult population claiming to be a customer
•    Of those, a quarter (24%) go at least weekly, and 57% at least once a month
•    In the North East and Scotland, it actually beats McDonald’s with the size of its customer base – and it’s a close run thing in the North West and Wales too.
•    A quarter of its customers (26%) use it for breakfast or a mid-morning snack, with 56% going to buy lunch
•    At least one major high street pub chain sees it as its main lunchtime competition – and rightly too.
•    Despite its North East heritage (where 74% of adults say they use it), Greggs has a much bigger national fan base – with 24% of customers coming from London and the South East (Cabinet ministers excepted)
•    It is not just a working class brand either – over a third (38%) of customers are in white collar jobs, with a further 22% retired and 6% students. It has a wide age appeal too.
•    One of Greggs best attributes is its value for money. It is one of the top three ranking brands for value, with 84% of its customers giving it top marks. It comes behind Crown Carvery and Fayre & Square, two pub brands
•    People like it too - 87% of customers say they are likely to go back again
•    One area where it rates poorly is environment and design – but then again that probably doesn’t matter much
•    Most commonly used words used to describe Greggs are: cheap, quick, tasty


Source: Data drawn from the Peach BrandTrack survey of 5,000 adults in November 2011.

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